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The Donald

So I owe my career to the turtles as that, like so many others, is what sparked my love for drawing and pop culture. The way they were portrayed in the movies was disappointing to say the least. With the technology we have now the opportunity to do amazing realistic, teen turtles who happen know ninjitsu is just crazy and what we get are horrific hulking monsters. Give me a break. Dont even get me started on Transformers.

Corey smith donny

Final Design - dressed him to make him feel more ninja 'in the shadows' and cleaned up sketch

Corey smith the dons

revised rough - Changed shapes and proportions to fit a more athletic 16 year old.

Corey smith the don by cs howler d6ayeti

Prelim - Prelim sketch to figure out shapes. Body is too wide and mature. Hes a teenager. also switched to Donny. He dosnt get enough love

Corey smith mikey ha vuelto by curroherrero d7k4otd

First Design Rough. The idea is to create a more realistic Humanoid Turtle.